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4 DIY Home Maintenance Projects that Will Save You Money

You change the oil and fluids, and even top up the tire pressure in your car on a regular basis. Why? Well in order to maintain the vehicle to save money, and hopefully, avoid pricier repairs down the road of course. You even make a point of booking annual check-ups with the doctor and dentist …

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True Innovation Desk Chair Review – thumbs up!

True Innovations Leather Executive Desk Chair Review Well the Review Daddy house has a den in it.  It has a computer in it.  It has a computer desk in it.  It has a filing cabinet, a bookshelf, and a printer in it.  It would seem like this is the perfect home office, right?  Well one main thing it was …

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Top Fast Food Sandwiches

Top Fast Food Sandwiches (in no particular order…) Original Chicken (with cheese!) (Burger King)– This is my all-time favorite fast food sandwich, hand’s down. I actually worked at a Burger King growing up and I would crush these during my breaks. Nothing like throwing a little cheese on the original and then slicing it in …

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Seiko Men’s Watch Review – Thumbs Up!

Men’s Seiko Watch Review: I decided to do a little digging and do a Seiko men’s watch review. I’ve owned Seiko’s for a while; it’s basically what my wife has always bought me.  Come to think of it, I’m pretty sure that my parents got me my first Seiko when I graduated from college. So I decide to do …

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