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Quest for #7 Begins!

Well I spent way too much money yesterday at Home Depot. I hate going to those places because it is so damn tempting to pretty much run up and down each aisle and shove every damn thing in your cart! I did get the necessities but when it was all said and done; did I really need a new hedge clipper and a new fertilizer spreader (or whatever the hell it is actually called)? Oh well.

I also got a chance (obviously since I wasn’t with my daughter) to relax and have a good lunch at arguably the best buffet known to man – Ponderosa. Don’t tell me that everyone out there doesn’t crave those wings and mashed potatoes from Ponderosa from time to time! I am loyal to that place and for all of you who think that Hoss’ can even come close to holding Ponderosa’s jock, you need to get real! The Nook for dessert tops everything so don’t even come at me people!

Well the Steelers reported to training camp today and if you didn’t see Brett Keisel’s arrival, it was freaking great. He showed up to camp in a tractor and had his luggage in the front of the tractor! You can see the whole thing on the Steelers’ website (steelers.com). I remember a few years back when Plaxico Burress was shown on the local news going to training camp in a mini-semi truck and James Harrison going up there in a smart car (little small for ya, James!). I’m not the smartest guy ever, but I can probably assume that Keisel and James didn’t drive the whole way in those automobiles (when I just typed “automobiles”, it literally made me think of 16 Candles with Long Duck Dong!).

Me and the little one are headed to Chuck E. Cheese for lunch today because I promised her if she was good yesterday, I would reward her. Me and the wifey are going to be putting her back in preschool/daycare soon for portions of the day so I need to make the most of my time with her! It is going to be weird to not be with her as much but it will be good for all three of us in the long run.

Storms are brewing in Western Pa. today so not sure what the night will hold. I might make the wifey some pasta and meatballs, only for the mere fact that I’m craving it and I’m the one who makes the damn dinner! It will be a good night to eat some pasta and watch the newest Bucco – Starling Marte!

Have a good day everyone!

HD (Homedaddys!)


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