Seiko Men’s Watch Review – Thumbs Up!

Men’s Seiko Watch Review:

I decided to do a little digging and do a Seiko men’s watch review. I’ve owned Seiko’s for a while; it’s basically what my wife has always bought me.  Come to think of it, I’m pretty sure that my parents got me my first Seiko when I graduated from college. So I decide to do a men’s Seiko watch review to give you small-budget but big dream folks a hint at what I think looks good.

I started with a review of the Seiko Men’s SKA347 Kinetic Silver-Tone Watch. Not only does it look pretty manly but it acts it too. It’s the kind of watch my dad would have worn when I was a kid, again maybe why they bought me my first. The SKA347 can be worn casually, to the office, with a tux, or just everyday regardless.
For a frugal minded fella like me, that is perfect. I don’t want to have to own 10 different watches along the way for different occasions. It seemed to last forever, and it even has a damn reserve battery indicator on it. That’s truly amazing, not sure I can explain it, but it basically will wind the watch to show you a percentage of your battery life. But I wear mine pretty much daily even when working out, and the battery seems completely charged throughout. Its uses Seiko’s patent Kinetic platform for power, and whatever the hell that is, it works.

The face is supposed to be scratch resistant, and thus far it is following through with its claim. The metal wrist band has gotten a few scratches along the way, but frankly they are not noticeable and don’t take away from the class of this watch. I have smaller wrists, which is why I have always liked the Seiko brand; they do not overtake my whole arm with the size of the watch face.

If you like a simple, classy, when you want it, casual when you don’t watch, this is the one.


I have been considering a Seiko Men’s PS7001 Tech Gear Digital Watch, for the ease of use in a digital.  The price is still pretty reasonable for under $150 for a pretty neat looking watch. Seems like an ultra-casual watch that I can get on board with. The convenience of digital is nice sometimes. If I follow through with it, I’ll shoot out a Seiko men’s watch review on the PS7001 as well.



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