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Good news! We got two more folks coming to the look at the house today and tomorrow so that’s good. Traffic is always a good thing, and I hope that someone likes it enough to put a respectable offer in. Much to my dismay, we are headed to look at a house early this evening that is WAY too much – but it is going to give us a good judge of where the hell we are financially, which isn’t much!


Last night we took my daughter to Dairy Queen for some ice cream. It still amazes me because we build her up all day that we are going there and then once we get there, she eats like two bites and is done with it. Pretty much a waste of money, but I crushed a damn good strawberry cheesequake blizzard so screw it. Plus the working clientele was easy on the eyes, if you know (and I know damn well you do) what I mean.


I’m gonna watch the Steeler game tonight since it is their opener, but let’s be honest, preseason blows. You get to see the starters like one or two series and it is so vanilla in what they do. I was offered some tickets to the Steeler game later this month, but I was going to have to pay for them. Screw that. $88 to see players that won’t even make the damn team. Not gonna happen, sorry.


I did get offered tickets to the Bucco game in a few weeks so I’m pretty pumped about that! It will be my wife and I, and we are getting a sitter for the little one that night and staying downtown. It should be fun because a few people are in town that we haven’t seen in a while and we are going to do the tailgating thing as well, provided the wifey gets her ass home that day at a decent time (hint hint).


Anyway, enjoy the day and I’ll be sure to let you know how many death stares I give the wife in a couple hours when she seriously thinks we can afford the house we are looking at. Some women just, well, nevermind, I will leave that alone!


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