Monthly Archive: May 2013

The Best Summer Home Repair Advice for an Efficient Home


The HomeDaddys staff is excited to have the crew over at provide us with today’s guest post! Home repair is a yearlong effort. However, the summer months emphasize specialized upkeep and home improvement projects that the rest of the seasonal home maintenance projects don’t have to deal with. In order for you to be …

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Beat the Summer Heat While Saving Money

Keeping cool during the summer months without the undertaking becoming a burden to your wallet can be a long and tedious battle. How much energy you and your family consume during the summer can put a real strain on your budget but there a several methods for combating the summer’s sweltering heat. Cool mist in …

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Biggest Misconceptions about Stay-At-Home Dads


I recently read an article on Huffington Post about the things NOT to say to stay-at-home-dads. It got me thinking about a few of my own encounters with people who still get confused by the concept of a father who stays home with the kids and takes care of domestic responsibilities. Gasp! A man caring …

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