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Top 10 Places I’ve Watched A Sporting Event

10 of the Top Sports Venues 


Heinz Field (Pittsburgh, Pa.) – Need I say more?!?! This is the best place BY FAR I’ve been to for the mere fact it is the home of MY Steelers! The best game I’ve been to was the playoff game against the San Diego Chargers when Santonio Holmes returned a punt for a TD. I literally thought the stadium was going to collapse!  This may be the top sports venues of all!




Augusta National Golf Club (Augusta, Ga.) – my buddy and I went to the Masters in 2011 and it was arguably the best event I’ve ever seen in my life. It is located right across the road from a strip mall and a gas station, but who’s counting. It is freaking Augusta National.




Lambeau Field (Green Bay, Wisc.) – I made a road trip with my buddies back in 2005 to see the Steelers play the Packers. We went to Brett Favre’s steakhouse the night before the game and we got to see Charlie Batch and the Duce Staley pull out the victory for the black and gold!


Notre Dame Stadium (Notre Dame, Ind.) – Another guys road trip and as I’ve stated many of times, I hate Notre Dame, but walking into that place is something else. You can just feel the history of the stadium. Pitt beat the Irish 41-38 and Tyler Palko loved his “f-ing” team!






Yankee Stadium (Bronx, N.Y.) – I never got a chance to go to the old Yankee Stadium, but I went to the new one a couple years back in August. I saw them play the Twins and the atmosphere was awesome, even for a day game.







Madison Square Garden (New York, N.Y.) – I went to the Big East Tournament back in 2003 when Pitt beat UConn for its first tourney championship! It was insane. That place is so dark, during games, but all I could think about was all the history between Spike Lee and Reggie Miller during Knicks-Pacers games and also seeing Michael Jordan dominate the Knicks there. Loved it.




PNC Park (Pittsburgh, Pa.) – The best park in the majors, hands down. I’ve been to several MLB stadiums throughout the years, but nothing like a game at PNC Park. The panoramic views of downtown Pittsburgh are second to none.





Wrigley Field (Chicago, Ill.) – I road-tripped back in college with a few friends and it lived up to the hype. We partied in Wrigleyville before the game and drank a ton of Old Style beer throughout! The people were surprisingly nice to us the entire time even though we were from out of town.



Oakmont Country Club (Pittsburgh, Pa.) – I went and saw one day of the U.S. Open in 2007 when it came to Oakmont. I sat on the 16th green grandstands and it was amazing. We walked the entire course first and then settled in on the 16th. It is all it is cracked up to be and more.






Joe Louis Arena (Detroit, Mich.) – When I was in Detroit several years back I got a chance to go to see the Red Wings play there. It is old and dirty, and has very tight quarters. But that’s what makes it great. I despise the Red Wings, but going there was pretty sweet with all of the history.


Let me know what your favorites are. I want to add more to my list soon!

photo by: daveynin

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  1. Jon Pugliano

    i like this list a lot. There’s a really good mix, but you have clearly never been to Beaver Stadium. :)


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