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Sky Ball Golf Review – thumbs down!

Hyper Charged Sky Ball Golf by MauiToys.com Review


Let me set the scene before we dive into Sky Ball Golf — it’s the little man’s sixth birthday, and everyone is asking “what should I get him?”  We recently went into his room before our trip to the beach and looked around for some toys to bring with us, and both he and I realized that he doesn’t play with any of his toys anymore. All of the hundreds of dollars we spent on Disney toys, and action heroes, nothing. The only things he plays with now include the word “ball.”   Football, baseball, basketball, hockey ball (you get the point).

So when it came down to buying gifts for his birthday, legos and tinker toys wouldn’t cut it.  I told everyone to just get sports type stuff.  I was a local Dicks Sporting Goods and noticed for $15 SkyBall Golf. The package claimed that it will travel 300 feet, and frankly looked pretty cool. So I recommended to his Aunt that this would be a perfect gift. Well guess again. Let me give you some specifics on the toy first:

With the Skyball Golf set, kids get a Skyball golf club and a see-through hypercharged Skyball golf ball that is filled with a combination of helium and compressed air, pretty cool. They recommend you place it on a real golf tee (good luck balancing it) and kids get the effect of a ball going far.

Well, after the “kid test”, it failed. My son just turned 6 and took 4 swings saw the ball go a couple hundred feet and was bored. He can do the same thing with a regular golf ball he said, and “it’s feels cooler.” Well that wasn’t enough for dad, I had to try it out myself too. Sure enough, crap. Neither me or my son are very good golfers but the Sky Ball Golf was pretty weak and completely uninteresting.

The interesting twist to this review, my son took the ball itself and actually had a lot of fun with it. The cheap golf club that came with the Sky Ball Golf set was kind of useless, but the ball itself bounces really high, and can be a lot of fun when coupled with real sports items, like a baseball bat, or a hockey stick. So my opinion of the Sky Ball Golf set is poor, but Sky Ball in general, big fan.



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