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The Benefits of Eating Dinner With Your Family – Guest Post

  By Greg Fleischaker, author of a casual food and cooking blog at   A third of U.S. families eat dinner together — at the table, seven nights a week. This finding comes from the 2013 Welch’s Kitchen Table Report. “It might feel like the traditional ideal of a family gathered for dinner is …

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Matthew Lyons

5 Cheap Green Home Makeover Ideas

If you live in an older home, reducing your family’s environmental impact might be easier than you think. Even for beginning DIYers, there are simple, cheap fixes that can make your home greener and less expensive to live in. Here are a few of the easiest projects to get you started. Clean your A/C condenser …

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The Importance of Clearing Blocked Guttering

Gutters form an integral part of every roof structure, diverting rain and other precipitation away from the side of the building and into the drainage system, simultaneously protecting the foundations while also helping to reduce erosion and leaks to subsurface cellars and basements. It is therefore crucial that guttering is kept in good health to …

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DIY – How to Apply Wallpaper

The HomeDaddys staff is excited to have Ryan Corey of provide us with today’s guest post! Wallpaper can completely change the look and feel of a particular room within your home. If you are looking for something a bit more interesting than your everyday paint colors, or you are just looking to get a …

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Looking for a Moving Company? Here are 5 Things to Consider before Starting Your Search

Few endeavors are as likely to send you to the medicine cabinet for a handful of Tylenol as moving into a new home. There’s the tedious planning, organizing, and packing. There’s the back-breaking labor that may require a few extra pairs of hands. And then there are those logistical necessities like dollies, carts, and of …

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