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Who Keeps Up With The Kardashians? I do!

I think it is time I came clean with everyone – I’m a true fan of Keeping Up With the Kardashians! Yeah I said it. My wife would always come home from work and watch the latest episodes On-Demand and I got hooked. I couldn’t believe that I was actually sitting there watching it, but I did. There ya have it. And I don’t even care what you think! Take out all of the drama and worthless nonsense that goes on and take a good look at what I’m getting at – HAVE YOU SEEN THEIR BODIES? Damn. I just watched an episode not too long ago where they went on a family vacation (somewhere tropical, I forget exactly where) and they were all in bikinis. Yeah, I’m a terrible guy for creeping and watching that show nonstop and looking at their curves. Get over it! I’m not there for the daily life updates from them, I’m there to pretty much stare at what they are offering – and it’s a lot in a lot of places!

We are headed to look at house in the Pittsburgh area for the second time right after work. This one is listed by Howard Hanna and we really like it. Supposedly they have someone else coming again tomorrow to look at it as well, but I’m not sure if they are just trying to play games with us to try and force our hand in making an offer. Regardless, it is the one we are targeting the most right now, we just aren’t sure they have it priced right. So we are going to talk to our agent after the second look at it and go from there. Hopefully it works out for the best. If not, we move on.

Tomorrow is orientation for the little one at her new preschool so I’m sure tonight my wife is going to be up all night tossing and turning over it. I sure as hell won’t be. She acts like she’s the one who will be going to preschool and meeting new people, not the little princess. I remember tossing and turning the night before we found out who was in our “homeroom” in middle school and I relate this experience with my wife to that. I’m not kidding. She will be a train wreck worrying about it. As I’ve said a million times, my daughter has enough personality to fit it so I’m good to go.

We are having some people over tonight after we look at the house for a bit, nothing major though. I went to Costco and got a few of their pizzas (which are insane by the way – 4 for $12). So that’s the plan tonight. The weather is suppose to be beautiful so why not spend a ton of money on an offer on a house, eat some Costco pizza, have a Miller High Life or two, and then call it night. Sounds like a pretty good plan to me.

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photo by: Kalumba2009

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    Shut the front door…I don’t care who you are, that’s a great picture. wow.


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