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Top Sexiest Women Golfers

Top Sexiest Women Golfers (in no particular order – and yes, my head is in the gutter so deal with it!)

Natalie Gulbis – I know that I say in no particular order, but damn she might be the best out there. She has sexy written all over her and also isn’t afraid to show it. The tight tops aren’t a mistake on her part, she knows damn well what she is doing. Plus go ahead and google her name and see the photos of her. It is well worth it.

Cristie Kerr – She might not be the top of too many lists, but she is a little bit older than the others and has that professional hotness to her. I like it. She carries herself with an attitude on and off the course which makes her even that much more attractive. She is in control, if you know what I mean.

Sara Brown – She was on the Golf Channel’s “Big Break” and finally made it on Tour in 2011. And wow! She made her presence felt (and I’m not talking about her play on the course). She has a great body and seems to have a big of swagger going around the course which makes her even hotter.

Anna Rawson – If Natalie Gulbis is on top of the list, then Anna Rawson is a CLOSE second, believe me. She is so sexy and has the body of a model, rather than a golfer. She has it all and isn’t afraid to show it. She gives sneak peaks from time to time, just enough to keep your mind wondering. Feel free to look up her photos too!

Blair O’Neil – Blair O’Neil has that “girl next door” look to her, but if she was the girl next door when I was growing up, I’d be all over it! She is amazing and is still young, so she has the pizazz to really strut her stuff.

photo by: Keith Allison

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