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Get A Grip People

Last week there was a hostage situation in Pittsburgh, which let’s be honest, that doesn’t happen in this town. Regardless, it makes you think about what the hell this kid was thinking? He had no reason to pick Gateway Tower 3 other than the fact he sat outside and realized it was easy to pass through security. Did he know the hostage that he took under control? No he just did it because he wasn’t able to get into a couple of other offices. Seriously? That’s what this world is coming to? It is so scary to think about how easily something can be taken away from you by the complete and utter nonsense by something like this.

The first thing I thought of after it was all said and done was what if it was my father or family member that was taken as a hostage for no reason. An innocent man who had no relation or contact with this guy is changed forever – he will never be able to forget those 5 hours of misery, nor will his family. What has this world come to that people act this way? I’m sure it has gone on forever, but when it is right in your back yard, you start thinking a lot more about it. I’m glad it ended peacefully. I’m glad he is going to get what he deserves. I’m glad it wasn’t anyone in my family.

So my Steelers can’t seem to close out games! Ugh. That was a tough loss and it continues to irk me watching them. Now granted, it isn’t the Pirates (who actually won yesterday!), but it frustrates the heck out of me on Mondays after losing like that. C’mon guys!

My buddy’s grandfather passed away so I’m off to the funeral home this evening. Nothing good comes out of these situations, but you always have to be there for your boys.

Until we meet again…

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