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Well we are moving quite quickly on the selling and buying of houses and it looks as if everything is going to work out. We had to do a few odds and ends on our current house – little things that even I could accomplish myself – and also we had the owner of the house we are buying do a few things. Other than that, we are moving ever so closer to making it a reality. It is getting to a point where it is becoming more and more real to the entire HD family. Let’s hope the loan process and all of that good stuff goes off without a hitch though!

This past week I had a chance to watch a movie for the first time in a LONG time and I watched Project X. I was skeptical going into it because I wasn’t sure whether it would seem real or if I thought it would be another stupid high school kids flick. I was wrong. That movie is classic. It pretty much shows three HS kids who aren’t popular but throw a kick-ass, insane, almost unrealistic party. It literally makes you wonder whether kids can pull this stuff off. The house ends up getting burned. The one kid’s dad’s car ends up in the pool. The cops obviously come and it becomes insane. I went give away the complete ending, but if you are having a few beers and want a few laughs, I’d suggest watching it. Maybe because it takes me back to my past days and wishing I would have been a part of something like that party!

I’m already watching the Ryder Cup so that is going to take up most of my day – love this event. I love seeing the patriotism for a sport that you don’t typically think about that way. And there is already an argument between the Americans and Europeans! Let’s go! USA! USA! USA!

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