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Watch Your Language, Please

Big news! We got an offer on the house, even though it was a crappy one. We are in the negotiation process right now. They are trying to low-ball the hell out of us, but we need to stand our ground. Ironically, we are going to look at one house for a second time tonight. This actually may all be coming together for once in my life! Let’s go!

I had a chance to guest blog on a fantastic site (www.theyoungmommylife.com). You should check it out. We corresponded about doing a guest blog and I think it went well. I was actually thinking about reciprocating and having a women’s point of view on my site here. I read her site, which is actually a very good one, and it is interesting to see how stay-at-home moms are in a different mindset than stay-at-home dads. Interesting points of view though. I had fun writing it and interacting with her, and I am looking in to possibly doing some more on other sites. It is a great way to share views on this interesting world we all live in.

My daughter is officially enrolled in preschool for a couple hours a day starting in a week in a half. It still amazes how quickly she is growing up and the different things and words she picks up on daily. I can honestly say I’ve never swore in front of her so that’s a good thing, but it is still tough to watch what is said around her.

One thing that I’ve noticed when we hang out at our friends’ houses is that a lot of them use some vulgar language around their kids, thus around my little princess as well. It is a tough situation because you can tell them you’d rather not say those things around kids, but then again that is their way of living. If it happens in my house (well let’s hope I’m saying my old house soon!), I feel more comfortable telling them to pipe down on the swearing. Maybe I’m just being a nick-picky dad, but it irks me when adults swear around their kids. The last thing I want to do when my daughter is at this age is to pick up on those things. Tough situation, but I hope that we are being good enough parents to nip it in the butt if my daughter does catch on.

Going to try and enjoy the evening since it is supposed to be nice. Cooking out – here I come!

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