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Presidential Debate – Not Impressed!

I didn’t catch the entire Presidential debate, but I caught most of it and obviously got the gist of what was going on. In all honesty, I was not impressed with either candidate for many reasons.

First, the challenger – I felt he was ignorant in more ways than one. First, he talked over the moderator, Jim Lehrer, more than once and I just felt like he was out of line. Plus, I didn’t like his arrogance by constantly rolling his eyes and smirking while President Obama was talking. I understand that they should be contradicting each other and making their points known, but I truly believe there is a way to be tactful. I didn’t mind his points and when he started talking about his plan of attack, but it was the gestures and such between that that annoyed me. I think he has a great plan and he was prepared for the debate, but he just came off wrong to me for his mannerisms.

Now on to President Obama. I thought he was truly over-prepared and didn’t give it his all. In football terms, I think he left some on the field and shouldn’t have. I think he should have counter-attacked better rather than the way he went about his business. I always thought he handled himself well through the last campaign and the past four years – in terms of public speaking and conducting himself – but I think that last night he didn’t get his point across enough.

The talk shows this morning are talking about how it went from Obama being almost a shoe-in to Romney making a little bit of a push after last night. The main states of Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania are all that matter in my mind, but who knows.

Anyway, there are two more debates (I believe) this month so I will be anxious to see how both respond. The election is closer than we think so the next five weeks should be interesting. I love this stuff.

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photo by: DonkeyHotey

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