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Mophie Juice Pack Review (iPod and iPhone) – thumbs up!

Here is my poor man’s Mophie Juice Pack review.  Who out there is used to the battery life of a flip phone?  What about a Blackberry?  Hell how about just a phone that you can actually pull the battery out of?

Well I reluctantly made the switch to the IPhone 4S recently, and while it has changed my life in many ways for the better, it is only possible to use those life changing apps if you can get your phone to turn on.

After finding myself using app after app all day and then caught in a remote city with no idea how to get around without my iPhone, only to have my iPhone die.  I decided I needed a backup solution.

I didn’t want to go with the Big IPhone case/built in additional battery.  The IPhone is big enough in my pocket; I really didn’t want to add anything else to make it larger still.

The Mophie Juice Pack is the perfect option.  Its small, about the size of a big keychain, which in incidentally actually is.  Fits in my pocket and attaches to my keys, that way I know I ALWAYS have it on me if I need a little “juice.”

It has a little USB port that pops out so you can charge it easily in your laptop or desktop, and has a little indicator light to let you know the status of its own battery state.

I have found myself getting nervous about my activities for the day, and carrying the mophie around with me.  Perfect example: Went to the beach with the family, wanted to listen to the baseball game on my iPhone during the day while I relaxed feet in sand.

I knew there was no charger in the sand, and knew we were gonna hit mall and dinner later that day.  I would have no spare time to “catch a charge.”  I was worry free cause about halfway through an exhausting mall trip with the fam; I plugged my mophie into my iPhone and charged the battery in my pocket.

This is a simple and easy product; my guess is you iPhone users would pay $35 for a charge when you are really needing it anyway.  So thumbs up for worry-free iPhone living.

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