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Top iPhone Apps For Kids

Top iPhone Apps for Kids

(in no particular order…)

Disney Fairies Fly: It might cost $4.99, but it is well worth it if you have a little one at home who loves Tinkerbell. It is easy for young kids to use, and it navigates one of the Disney Fairies through Pixie Hollow, collecting treasures throughout.


Scribble Lite: Free app that kids love because it is a sketch pad app. You can draw whatever you’d like and then shake the iPhone/iPad and erase it all. There are tons of different colors and options and kids love it because they don’t have to clean up crayons or markers! (Well, parents love it for that reason!)


Alphabet Animals: It only costs $.99 and it is perfect for kids to learn what animals make which sounds as well as teaching kids tips for learning their letters. The animals talk through the alphabet so it is a great interactive way to teach the little ones.


Snowman 3D: For the winter months, this is well worth the $.99 – believe me! Kids can build a ton of different snowmen with different 3D items. You roll the snowballs around to make each body part and then you can add as needed! It is easy for kids to pick up on.


Fat Cat: It is an educational app that allows the little ones to learn to read, spell and recognize letters. It is a great app because it is based on awareness of sounds and letter.


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