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5 Ways to Keep Your Kids Occupied When Mobile

Yesterday, I had planned out a trip for me and my two-year-old son followed by a visit to the mall to get a birthday gift for a friend. However, my toddler had a completely different plan – one that didn’t involve sitting in a busy waiting room or standing in line ups at 3 different stores, but did involve a very passionate temper tantrum over a toy at one particular store.

When it came down to it; an enjoyable afternoon of chores and shopping turned into a 4-hour nightmare thanks to a cranky, crying, uncooperative child.

However, since I’ve discovered that tablets are one of the greatest recent inventions when it comes to keeping your kids busy on the go! I’m used to having to lug along an arsenal of snacks, toys, and pacifiers just to get us through a few hours.

But thanks to my iPhone, tablet and these five apps, I’m able to distract my little guy from boring line ups, stifling waiting rooms, and temper tantrums when he doesn’t get his way.

The following five apps are what I like to call my official “HomeDaddy’s little helpers” when it comes to keeping a kid occupied on the go…

1. Foo Pets (Free – for iPhone)

As soon as my son saw Blue’s Clues on television, he incessantly started asking, “Daddy, can I have a puppy?” However, before I ever bring a pet into my home, I’m convinced that I’ll teach my child responsibility first as well as basic animal care. I want my son to share in the responsibility that a puppy demands so I found the perfect tool in the Foo Pets app. This pet care app mimics the care of a virtual family pet in “Marmaduke,” the famous cartoon Great Dane, to ready the whole family for the challenge of a real pet.

2. Elmo Loves 123s ($4.99 – for iPhone and iPad)

Whose better to teach your toddler how to count from 1 to 20 than cute, furry Elmo? No one, especially when you consider all of the fun, interactive videos and songs that the character takes right from his popular show, Sesame Street. Ideal for kids 3 to 5-years-old Elmo runs through a series of math games—from identifying numbers, tracing numerals, counting objects, and even basic addition and subtraction.

3. Where’s My Perry? ($1.02 – for Android)

This app is based on the Disney channel show, Phineas and Ferb. The goal: to aid Perry the platypus in his mission to reach the headquarters of a lab. It challenges kids to think creatively by using problem-solving skills to progressively solve the games obstacles – such as getting an elevator to rise. This app is perfect for kids 4-years old and up!

4. Make Me Smile ($0.99 – for iPhone and iPad)

Teach your little guy or girl the power of making another smile with the Make Me Smile app that puts your child in charge of one very important task—making the sad monster on the screen break into a big toothy grin. Turn that monsters frown upside down by making funny faces, taping the screen, and laughing. Believe me when I say that this app will keep your toddler busy for hours on end and HAPPY for hours on end.

5. White Noise Baby ($0.99 – for iPhone)

Even though it might be the time you’ve designated for junior’s nap time, doesn’t mean junior agrees or will even settle down to sleep. Often times nap time for toddlers is fussy time, but you can count on the White Noise Baby app to help you sooth a finicky little toddler when they are being hard to please. I use even use mine when I’m waiting in a medical office for an appointment and in the grocery store line. The soothing sounds of white noise runs through a variety of relaxing sounds that will lull baby into a peaceful snooze.


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