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Review of Lorex Wireless Video Home Monitor – thumbs up!

So the wife isn’t ok with just hearing a baby cry, she needs to see it as well. Go figure.

After shopping around, as I am sure you are starting to pick up on me, I do a lot. Lots of research, lots of review reading – so I decided on the Lorex LW241 LIVE sense Wireless Video Baby Monitor

It’s pretty damn cool, I’m not going to lie. It’s a little screen about the size of a big IPhone, and it comes with its own charging cradle (though the battery is still not the greatest). You set up the camera and can view you little one on the screen day or night (night vision capable). You can even buy extra cameras and have multiple angles or rooms monitored at the same time. But we only have one infant, and no money, so one cam is good for us.

Some cool and differentiating things about this monitor is the fact that it has a built in thermometer so we can see how cool or hot it is in the nursery from anywhere we have the little monitor. It shows the time, big deal I know we all own a watch.

It has an on demand two way radio. So let’s just say you are in the basement watching baseball and the little one starts screaming like a banshee, you can hit the button and tell her to hold on while you run up two sets of stairs, or even better, it has a lullaby function where you can kick start some lullaby to play in the room. This can be both scary and cool, I will let you little one decide which. It has recording functionality and can be hooked up to a computer and streamed over the internet somehow as well, but frankly that’s sort of creepy so I didn’t enable that functionality.

Only drawbacks I’ve seen thus far is the battery life, and sometimes late at night it turns the bedroom into Studio 54. It starts like a strobe light flashing, which again can be either scary or cool, I will let you and your wife decide which ;).

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