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I Love The Netherlands

Another day, another few visitors set up to see the house! I just wish that someone would put a freaking offer in!

Has anyone seen the Netherlands Olympic field hockey team? Damn. I was talking to my buddy yesterday and he had me look up their team pic. Holy crap! Can you say sexy? I just wish I would have seen them play! The only event I saw hotter chicks in was the women’s weightlifting event – wait nevermind.

We are headed to see two more houses today after looking the other night at one. How about this – so when we went to the one house the other night (which was very nice, but out of our price range), the little princess needed to go potty. Well, needless to say, she didn’t have to go #1. Yep, she did it. Boom! Dropped a log right smack dab in their bathroom off the main floor. Listen, she is 3 years old and had to go – leave me alone! It was AWFUL too and even our agent had to laugh at it. She pretty much told those owners what we thought of their asking price! Ha!

Later on we are going over to a friend’s house for a little get together. It used to be all of us just getting drunk and talking smack and that sort of thing. Then we all had to refuse to wear condoms with the wives and a couple years later we are all bringing the little ones around. Damn it. The one good thing is my one buddy is bringing his blow-up play area (get your mind out of the gutter fellas) which is always a big hit with the little ones. He said he got one at Wal-Mart for about $250 – which I said I would look into getting one but not really a point now since we will be hopefully moving soon. It is well worth the money though. I think it is made by Little Tikes if anyone is looking for it.

Anyway, have a great Saturday and I plan (yes, I plan) on not getting drunk at the event. Not sure the wifey will be too happy if she’s driving my drunk ass home again! Won’t rule out anything though…

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