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Moving On Up…To The East Side

Today I actually am not with my daughter as I’m dropping her off a little later at my aunt’s house so that I can have a day to run some errands and do a few things that I typically don’t get to do. I am looking forward to having grown-up conversations for an entire day! I have to head to Home Depot and Lowe’s at some point (and Bed, Bath and Beyond, not sure if I will have time or not – Old School reference, I hope you got that!) to get some things for the house. It is going on the market soon so odds and ends crap that I have to get done to make it look as good as possible. This whole getting the house on the market shit is getting old real fast.

We had a few people over last night to grill out and let me tell you about a kick-ass sauce to put on chicken or burgers or whatever you think it would work well on. It is a mix of Montgomery Inn BBQ sauce (from Cincinnati) with a touch of seasoned salt and ranch. Yes I know it doesn’t sound too appealing but give it a try. It isn’t too spicy but mix it all together in a bowl and then after the chicken is done, dip the entire piece of chicken into the bowl and then serve it. I’m not kidding. I had it the other night and it was insane. A buddy of mine told me about it and I thought he was a dumbass (thought he was a dumbass in the first place regardless) but it actually tastes insane. I did it with chicken and then again with burgers. I’m going to go out on a limb and even try it next time with French fries. No joke – insane.

I’m hearing mixed reviews on the movie “Ted”. Anyone see it out there? Two of my friends went on Sunday night to see it and they both walked out only 45 minutes into the flick. They both said all of the funny parts were already shown in the previews and that it was a bad movie. I am still interested in seeing it because it seems like it would be funny as hell! I got two apps on my iPhone for Ted and I think they are freaking hilarious! Supposedly if you like Family Guy, you’ll love this movie. Who knows though?

One final note – RIP Sherman Hemsley (aka George Jefferson). I remember watching re-runs of the Jeffersons with my father all the time. That guy was great and lived a fabulous life.

Off to get my stuff done but I will be back soon to vent about having to actually do manual labor for the house!

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  1. Jon

    you’re right, the sauce does sounds gross… i am going to try it anyways. i think i’ll use sweet baby ray’s bbq instead, since that’s what i have laying around.


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