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House Is On The Market!

Well it is official!!! Our house is on the market – met with our real estate agent yesterday and it is all set in stone.

For those of you who have ever sold or bought a house, this time is going to be very hectic for the HD family. We can’t officially buy or put in an offer in on a new house until we get an offer on ours. We just can’t swing it, so that’s why this time will be annoying. In this day and age, you don’t know when that offer will be and if it will even be an acceptable one. Hopefully the house sells sooner rather than later.

We are going to start looking at new houses this week so that will be an exciting time but I don’t want my wife to get her hopes up and become too interested in a house since we have to wait for the current one to sell. It sucks because there is so much excitement to put ours up finally and to start looking at possible dream homes, but I also need to keep her excitement in check for obvious reasons. I know I know – name one husband who has been able to keep their wife in check over things like this! Hell, spending money in general!

Quick note of the day – when putting the house on the market, do your research cause I don’t trust these realtors AT ALL. Remember, they are in it to make money for themselves so buyer beware. This isn’t my first rodeo so this time around I mean business!

My little princess is feeling better but she still has a lot of wheezing. My aunt is taking her to Story Book Forest today at Idlewild so I hope that is not overdoing it. She should have fun though. Anyone ever been out to that park? I never have but my aunt wanted to take her so have at it!

Soooooo that means I have a free afternoon. I think I am going to hit the links a little later since it is going to be a nice day here. I haven’t played in a few weeks and these days come few and far between, so I might as well take advantage of it. I do have to head over to our storage unit that we got and also grab some stuff from my parents’ house, but that is it.

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