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Typical Weekend At The HD Household

I saw something online (I believe CNN) that showed the crane operator of the new World Trade Centers and it really amazed me. I think I’ve said this before, but I really like to follow everything about 9/11 and the re-birth of that area in Manhattan. I watched (and still do watch) shows all the time on everything about that terrible day back in 2001. And when I saw online the guy who operates the crane about 90 stories up on a daily basis, it was unreal. First off, you can’t be scared of heights to even watch the video. It shows from him inside the crane and does shots looking out across the city and also straight down. It is worth taking a look. Plus it isn’t an article that dwells on 9/11, but more so shows that we weren’t defeated in rebuilding the Twin Towers.

We ordered tickets to go and see the Fresh Beat Band in Cleveland next month so that should be just a great freaking time for me. Then again, the little princess will go insane when she sees them so I guess that’s all that matters. However, the wifey decided to buy tickets as close as possible (i.e. most expensive) so that’s just great. We ended up spending nearly $150 rather than around $75 – smart financial decision while we are in the midst of selling/buying a house. Oh well, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, if it makes the princess happy I am all for it (and the fact that my wife is the one bringing in all of the money).

Today is grass cutting day at the HD household – also going to do some general yard work. I’m hoping there aren’t too many more times I have to cut this grass, which should be the case considering we are moving and that it is getting closer and closer to fall. I’m thinking about having the little one help out with cleaning up the garbage, but it will end up being even more of a wreck around the place with her actually trying to help! Oh well, get it done soon so I can relax tonight!

Have a good weekend!

HD (HomeDaddy!)

photo by: Jinx!

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