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The last couple of days have been rather hectic around the HD household to be honest with you. Remember how I told you that my daughter jumped in the pool? Well, we ended up having to take her to get chest x-rays and then to the doctors and then to the specialist and then back to the doctors (you get the drift). Anyway, they were checking to make sure she didn’t have any water in her lungs or any signs of pneumonia. She had been wheezing and breathing heavy all week so it hasn’t been too easy sleeping for me, the wifey and the little princess at all. Luckily, she is now on antibiotics after a trip to the doctors Friday morning but she still isn’t doing great. Hopefully by the end of the weekend she will be back up to speed.

We are headed to a family reunion later today (yeah, I know – lucky me). It is actually even on my side so at least that is better than if it was the in-laws and such. The problem with this family reunion is that I don’t even know half of the people so my parents will have to pull the good old “hey, you remember aunt Suzie and uncle Joey right?” Another problem is that the little princess isn’t feeling well and it is supposed to be hot as hell around here today so that will be a freaking joy. Oh well, a few hours of this to make the parents happy will be worth it. They get to show off my daughter to the family we haven’t seen in years so it will be fun for them. That’s what this is all about truthfully because we wouldn’t be going if it wasn’t for that simple reason.

I got a chance to watch Remember The Titans again the other night when it was on ABC Family channel. For as corny and dumb as some of the acting can be in that movie, it still gets me fired up! I didn’t start watching until the team was already back from their little training camp, but to me one of the best parts is when Julius and Bertier gather the troops in the gym after a lack-luster start to the season. For as odd as it is, I LOVE THAT PART! Call me crazy, but I still get goose bumps when Coach Yoast gathers the defense up in the district semifinals (I think, sorry) and he says “make sure they will always remember…the night they played the Titans!” BOOM!!! That is awesome!

Off to the family reunion…don’t be jealous!

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