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Top Sports Movies for Kids – Great Movies to Watch as a family

Movies I would sit down and watch again and again.  Some of these are just fun, some will teach your little one something.  In fact 8 of the 10 of these we own in Blu-Ray or DVD in our house (in no particular order…)

Here are my Top Sports Movies for Kids.

Rocky – If you can’t watch Rocky with your little one, then what can you watch!?!? Tells a story and an ultimate lesson in life.

Rookie of the Year  – It makes the list for the baseball heckling terms alone, beware your little one may pick up a few new slogans  “Pitcher’s got a big butt”

The Sandlot  – All about kids playing pickup baseball – what’s better than that?  Other than the mean dog at the end.  We literally had to buy a second copy of this one in our house, from overuse.

Rudy – Even though I hate Notre Dame, I still love the end of this movie when the fans are chanting “Rudy, Rudy, Rudy”

Angels in the Outfield  – Tony Danza and Doc Brown in one movie, enough said!

Hoosiers – One more Ollie, one more and we’re going all the way!  I can still remember the Saturday afternoon my Dad sat me down and made me watch this, thanks Dad.

Remember The Titans- Strong side, left side!  Deep undertones in this one.

Miracle – Even though the little ones won’t understand the significance of this, it is a hell of a movie to watch!

The Rookie – Makes you feel like you have a chance no matter stage of your life.

Little Big League  – You are trying to tell me it wouldn’t be a dream to be an owner of a team at the ripe old age of 12?!?!

Thoughts? Other suggestions? Let me have ‘em!

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