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Review of Canon Selphy CP800 Personal Photo Printer – thumbs up!

Review of Canon Selphy CP800 Personal Photo Printer

Canon Selphy CP800 Personal Photo Printer

We all know that Mother’s Day can be a tough time of year, year after year. Coming up with something that she can use and enjoy is not the easiest thing on Earth.

This year I was wanting to do electronics, but she already had an IPhone and an Ipad, and that’s about the threshold of her electronic existence. One thing I had gotten her for Christmas was a gift certificate to a local photographer (thanks Living Social).

As I was browsing around Best Buy I stumbled upon the printer section, which I would normally gloss over, but my options were running thin and I was open to anything. I found the Canon Selphy CP800 Personal Photo Printer.

Its small, simple, and the perfect gift for any mom. I have zero ties to Canon, and frankly have always preferred HP printers traditionally. But this little nugget gives mom the ability to print 4×6 prints directly from the card to the glossy paper.

It has card input slots for CompactFlash, MultiMediaCard, Memory Stick, SD Card, and XD-Picture Card on the front of the unit. Stick the card in and the shots are automatically on the screen to choose from. It prints fast, clear gorgeous 4×6 pictures. Buying replacements is simple too, they sell combo packs that have the color ink and paper set together. Granted this could end up being a rather costly endeavor if you are going to solely print your pictures on this printer. I wouldn’t recommend that. But say for instance your son need a picture of him and his dad for a school project that he tells you about right before school (not that this happened to me) then you have a way to pull this off.

I will give you that it would be nice to do other sizes like 8×10 or 5×7, but frankly in the digital age we live in, it’s still nice to just have a quick print to hand out to someone. Grandparents clearly love this idea, my mom took an entire stack of pictures home the other day.

The printer also doesn’t print at lightning speed, but again you get what you pay for. I think you can find this online for $75-100, not a bad pick up for mom.


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  1. MattD

    Great gift idea, I may save this one for Christmas this year.


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