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We had a little bit of a scare last evening at the HD home. My wife took my daughter to the pool – had a great time swimming and being the good little angel that she is (well, maybe not a complete angel ALL the time, but you get what I’m saying!). When my wife told her it was time to get out and go home, she proceeded to run around the other side of the pool and jump in. Little freaking scary. Granted she had her swimmies on (or whatever the hell those things are called that go on her arms) but it was not a pretty site. My wife had to literally jump back in the pool to get her and the one alarming thing – neither of the lifeguards even hesitated or did a damn thing. Needless to say, last night was not a good night to be around the house. The little one was in a permanent “timeout” all night I think!

Anyone been keeping track of the Olympics? It was pretty damn cool seeing that teenager – Missy Franklin – win the 100-meter backstroke. It is hard to believe she is only going to be a senior in high school this year. What did you do over the summer? Oh just went to London, picked up a gold medal or two and then came home. Nothing major.

I also found myself watching the finals of the women’s archery event the other day. Don’t judge me, I know I have issues but it ended up being VERY exciting. South Korea won for like the 100th straight time and the crowd (for whatever freaking reason) was SO into the final. I didn’t understand it really, but I still ended up watching the damn thing.

Off the wall note of the day – saw a Hooters commercial last night and it was one of those moments that now I am going to be craving their food forever. I love their buffalo chicken sandwich and their curly fries. I haven’t been to a Hooters since a buddy of mine and I went to one just outside of Columbia, S.C. a year and a half ago. NOW I NEED TO FIND ONE SOON!!! Not sure it would be the best daddy judgment to take a 3 year old there, but whatever right.

Until we meet again…

HD (Homedaddys!)


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