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Lucky Charms, Football in Ireland…

College football season has finally started, thank god. It was interesting this morning when the little princess and I were eating some Lucky Charms and we turned on the TV, there was already a game on. I didn’t realize that but it was kind of cool, even though I hate Notre Dame. The Irish were playing Navy in, well, Ireland. Pretty cool scene.

I was glad to see the folks down in the New Orleans escaped with relatively little damage from Hurricane Isaac. Thankfully their thoughts and prayers were answered. I still remember watching the news nonstop seeing all of the disaster from Katrina. I still can’t fathom the destruction down there or what those people went through. I really can’t. I’m sure the pictures and videos can’t do it justice, nor should it. Luckily though, this time around wasn’t nearly as bad.

I’m really glad that my wife doesn’t have to work on Monday because we are planning a little day trip either to Moraine State Park or to Erie (Presque Isle), but now I’m hearing it might rain. Go figure. We typically go every Labor Day weekend somewhere. My in laws have a small house (if you want to call it that) at Holidays Campground just over the border of Ohio, but I’m not too keen on that idea to be honest. Just sayin!

Alright, I am going to wash both cars – just reassuring that it will rain now this weekend since I’m doing it! In reality, I bought a new spray wash thingy and I want to try it out. No chance I’d willingly go out and wash the cars on a Saturday afternoon. New toy, pretty much.

Until we meet again…

HD (HomeDaddy!)

photos by: Soaptree & stev.ie

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