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She’s Worth Every Penny

The HD family had a great Saturday after all, even though I went into it with a bad attitude. We went to a local park for a friend’s kid’s birthday and it was awesome. They had a ton of games for the kids and catered it from I think Wal-Mart or got some food from Costco or Sam’s Club. Regardless, it was pretty fun. My daughter is at the age where I don’t have to watch her every move and when she is with other kids, it makes these parties a lot better than they were when she was one or two years old.

I had an interesting conversation with one of my jackass buddies. He was talking about how rich he would be if he didn’t have a kid and went on about how he could have this, that and the other. It got me to thinking. Could I be richer and more independent if I wasn’t married and didn’t have my little princess? Sure. But screw that. I wouldn’t trade this for the world. So what if I could have a nicer car and more glamorous things? Nothing, I mean nothing, could stack up to what I have with my little daughter. I didn’t want to call him out completely, but I let him know that I disagreed. He hates his life, primarily his marriage, but that’s not my problem. I kept shoving my face with the buffalo chicken dip and chips. I have my priorities straight here.

I am going to watch the Steelers tonight against the Colts, even though I’m not really fired up about it at all. As I’ve said before, I will live and die with my team, but preseason blows. No other way to put it. Will I watch? Yes. Will I go to bed at halftime? No doubt.

Anyway, I’m going to go and get the grill ready. Possibly one of the last times we are cooking out on the deck before we sell the house. Speaking of that, we hope to have an answer on the counter offer tomorrow! Wish us luck!

Until we meet again…

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