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You Got A Problem?!?!

I’m still hurting a little bit after last night’s episode. I went golfing – shot an 81 which was ok for me, not great, not bad – but after that I went over to a buddy’s house and had what I thought was going to be a few drinks. Well, it didn’t work out that way. One captain and diet turned into me calling my wife telling her she had to come get me. Needless to say, that didn’t go over too well. Oh well, f it. We all have those days that turn into nights that turn into really shitty mornings! And this morning was one of those!

I had to get up and cut the grass – what a real treat that was. The little one sat on the deck and played good (thank god!) but I had an interesting interaction with one of my neighbors. Here’s the deal – I got a set of the Beats By Dre headphones a little while back and I haven’t used them all summer. So I figured I’d break ‘em out and listen to some tunes since I’m hungover and didn’t want the sound of the mower in my ears nonstop.

Well anyway, a neighbor across the road looked at me like I had three eyes. What? You never saw someone hungover wearing Beats By Dre headsets? F you. So I literally stopped the mower, looked at his fat ass and kind of put both hands up like “what the hell is your problem and what the hell are you looking at?” Now if I were him, I would have walked away and pretended like I was looking at something else. But he didn’t. He just kept looking. Now I don’t know this guy but have seen him around a time or two. So finally I mouthed to him “what’s wrong here buddy?” The idiot just kept staring. This went on what seemed like for an hour (probably maybe 1 minute but you get the picture) until finally he nodded, “sorry, nothing.” What the hell? Not the right day to mess with me.

Anyway, we already got a phone call this morning to come and take a look at the house. That surprised me to be honest that someone is interested already but good for the HD Family. I guess it is new to the market that’s why people are jumping on it to see it. Hopefully this process doesn’t take months cause I think we are going to look at a few houses either tomorrow or Friday night. My wife will end up getting her hopes up and that’s the last thing I want. She’ll want to put a damn offer on the first freaking house she likes and I’ll have to put the smack down on her.

Have a good one – I’m going to pray that the little one takes a nap soon so I can sleep my hungover ass off!

HD (HomeDaddys!)


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