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Potato Patch Fries, anyone?

I got a chance to watch the Home Run Derby last night for the first time with my daughter, even though she probably won’t remember a damn thing about it other than her getting ticked off that “Cutch” didn’t come through with more home runs. Gotta love it though when a 3 year old yells at the TV when you know damn well she truly has no idea why she is cheering and screaming like daddy! Needless to say, the wife gave me the look of “what the hell are you doing?” – oh well, not the first time and sure as heck won’t be the last.

Today is big day at the HD household as I am taking the afternoon off (sounds good right?) to take the little one and my wife to Kennywood. We haven’t gotten a chance to take her there yet but really looking forward to it. For those of you who don’t know what Kennywood is (www.kennywood.com), it is a legendary amusement park in Pittsburgh. If you have ever lived in Pittsburgh, you’ve been there. Try and tell me a better place in the world for French fries (Potato Patch fries!) than at the corner stand near the Thunderbolt! Damn, I can’t wait. Been forever since I’ve even been there so that makes me even more anxious! I know that it probably isn’t the smartest thing to do it try and force-feed a 3 year old some fries with chili and cheese and gravy on them, but whatever people. Live a little! THIS IS FREAKING KENNYWOOD! And to be honest, it is going to be great to have the day with my wife and daughter to enjoy the nice summer day compared to the heat we have been dealing with lately.

Did anyone see the new Good Afternoon America yesterday on ABC? I think it is a great concept but not sure how successful it is going to be. Then again, it is better than watching the 4 millionth loop of SportsCenter when my daughter lies down for a nap. I’m interested to see what kind of ratings the new show gets and if it lasts.


(July 8, 2012 – Source: Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images North America)

After a long day I plan on NOT watching the All-Star game tonight. Seriously, the World Series home-field advantage is based off of who wins this damn thing? How in the hell can that be? Freaking John Kruk put his helmet on backwards to face Randy Johnson in the 1993 mid-summer classic (joke) yet this determines who gets potentially four home games for the world championship? I know, people, that it wasn’t the same 19 years ago when that happened but still, c’mon.

Time to get some Lucky Charms for the little one and then get her ready for the BIGGEST…DAY…EVER! Well at least in my mind. Kiddie Land, here we come!!!

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