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Hump Day Blues…

Well I got my Potato Patch fries and man did they deliver! It was arguably the best day of the summer for me to be able to hang with my family on a beautiful summer day. For all you dads out there, take the time to make it happen. I don’t care about the stress at home or whatever else may be going on in yours or your wife’s lives, take the time like I did and enjoy these special days. They don’t come too often. The night was capped off with the three of us watching Curious George before bed. Not a bad day for the HD family.

I need a new lawnmower and have been looking for one – finally found one but not sure if the price is right. It is a Honda self-propelled mower that the person is looking to get $250 out of me. Not sure I’m willing to spend that much since it used. Now I’m not up to speed on all of the lawn care BS but something is just telling me that I could get something cheaper on craigslist or elsewhere. I don’t know. Then again, why the hell don’t I just have some young kid come over and cut the grass for $25 like the old days? Wow have times changed. I remember cutting everyone’s grass back in the day for some extra cash but nowadays you have to hire a damn “landscaping” company to do anything you need. I was the damn landscaping kid for the entire neighborhood growing up!

One thing that caught my eye reading today’s papers was that Delta was adding news flights to New York from Pittsburgh, which is a great thing. It is sad to see what 9/11 has done to not only the Pittsburgh airport, but traveling in general. I have traveled enough in my days, whether it was for work before or for pleasure, and it is a sad sight to see so many vacant gates at airports around the country. The recent emergence of Southwest Airlines and Delta to Pittsburgh International has been a pleasant surprise. ‘Bout time someone stepped in since USAirways shoved it up right up our you know whats.

Anyone see the jackpot the family hit near Toledo with those baseball cards? Holy crap! I remember having all of my baseball cards – the Barry Bonds Donruss and Rickey Henderson Topps rookie cards that I thought were the next coming of Christ. But to hit that jackpot for millions of dollars in an attic, DAMN! My freaking parents are moving so I might be making a quick trip up to see them before they start trashing everything. As Garth Brooks once said, I’m shameless. I don’t care. I am a stay at home dad so if I can find some things to sell and make a few bucks, screw it. I will, and don’t even tell me that all of you guys aren’t doing the same damn thing trying to find your parents or grandparents baseball cards now!

Hopefully a slow day with the little one but I need to somehow get my deck stained before we try to move. Staining the deck blows, especially when you have a youngster “trying” to help daddy.

Enjoy the day!

HD (homedaddy)


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  1. Joe Mower

    You can get a pretty decent NEW mower for around that price. If I were you, I wouldn’t buy that unless she came down to under $200 since it’s used.


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