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Thanks Chuck E. Cheese!

It was a good weekend at the HD household overall, even though the little princess came up with a few more boo boo’s. Then again that’s every day it seems like now.

We took her to Chuck E. Cheese yesterday and I want to give a major shoutout to the workers there. It was packed. There were kids running around like mad men EVERYWHERE. Yet, the workers were so genuinely nice to us (they may have told the other groups to go f themselves, but whatever right). Thanks for even looking the other way for 5 more points when we were cashing in our tickets!

Still no word yet on the offer that we put in on the house, but I guess the lady that is selling it is out of town until later tonight. I have a good feeling about it, but it will be a blow to my wife because she really wants it. She has been worked up thinking about it nonstop so I’ve tried to keep her busy as much as possible the past couple of days.

Well I’m headed out to cut the grass but I think I’m going to be back later on. Maybe I won’t. Does it really matter though? I’m going to cut the grass with my Beats By Dre headphones and hopefully not get into another fight with my neighbor. I’m leaving soon anyways out of this neighborhood, so screw him.

Have a good one!

HD (HomeDaddy!)

photo by: bradley_newman

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