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Let It Rain, Let It Rain, Let It Rain…

It looks as if this area is finally going to get hit with some rain so it might be a full day of sitting inside with the little one – could be good or could be bad, we shall see. Then again, my yard is completely brown and needs the rain more than anything so I will take it. Looks like I will get out of staining the deck this weekend though! Uh, I mean, if the wife reads this, nevermind.

I haven’t made the decision on lawnmower situation yet but a good friend of mine told me that I should not pay the $250 for a used mower – said I’m crazy and that I could get a pretty damn good new one for that price. Just goes to show you that if you take the time to research things, you can always negotiate and bargain with people. I have thoughts on that, but I will save that for later.

Not even sure I want to talk about the whole Penn State situation because it irritates the piss out of me. What a complete joke. I am not a Penn State hater, but I was never a fan of Paterno and some of things they did out there. And for all of this to come out is so disgusting and embarrassing it makes me sick. So many people lives were affected by the lack of balls the upper echelon of management at Penn State. Imagine how those boys and the parents of those boys feel that IT COULD HAVE BEEN STOPPED, but now they are forced to live with the trauma for the rest of their lives. Football is not above everything, people. Have some freaking common sense. I pray for those families because if this would have happened to someone in my family, I would be irate right now.

On to some uplifting news…my daughter last night asked me to dance with her (she was pretending to be Belle and I was the Beast – go figure). It may have been the best 10 minutes ever – I know, I say everything she does is the best part of my life but get over it – she is growing up so fast! I actually think my wife got a little jealous that my daughter has been spending so much time with me anymore. It completely changed when I started staying home with her, obviously. That is one thing I make sure not to do is to have my daughter cling to me. I know how it feels to be on the other side and I don’t want my wife to feel slighted since she is the one bringing home the cash right now.

Looking forward to the weekend, even though it is supposed to rain. Possibly get a few Disney movies out and relax all weekend. I know this sounds bad, but the Disney movies are starting to grow on me. I honestly don’t mind watching them anymore (well some of them I want to slit my wrists over, but for the most part I can actually watch them). Hell, they are better than watching that damn purple dinosaur all day!

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