A Few Costly Mistakes to Avoid When Remodeling Your Bathroom


Remodeling your bathroom can be a fun project with a fresh and satisfying outcome. But just like any remodel job, there are ways to go about it incorrectly that will just end up costing more money down the line. How can you avoid making those common mistakes? Well you can start by reading this list of things NOT to do.

1. Don’t Do It Yourself- Plumbing and wall fixtures can be complicated construction projects, and if you’re an amateur at plumbing, even if you’re a carpenter in other ways, than you should always hire a professional. Some parts of the remodel you can save money by doing it yourself, such as painting, organizing or wall papering, but for anything major it’s much more cost effective to get it done properly the first time instead of having to redo it over again later on.

2. Don’t Budget Too Low- When you’re planning, take into account everything that’s being done: walls, flooring, the plumbing, medicine cabinets and the like. The average budget for remodeling a bathroom is about $16,000. It’s better to have more money and time saved up to be used than not enough. Stopping in the middle of the project due to lack of finances or no more time can be a hassle and an inconvenience, so budget both your schedule and money well.

3. Don’t Design Illogically- When you’re designing, think about what you can afford, and how it’s going to function practically. Don’t turn into Michael Scott from The Office and come up with all of these grandiose ideas that are just going to cost much more money than you have or make the bathroom dysfunctional. Remember to give yourself space, so avoiding putting bathroom cabinets where the door will slam into them, or crowding the toilet area with vanities and furniture.

4. Don’t Focus on the “In” Look- What is the hottest thing on the scene now may be completely out of style 3 years later. So remodel your bathroom in a way that will remain good looking a decade, two decades from now. Neutral and clean colors, like blues and beiges, will give it a tranquil look and yet remain classic. Creating a bathroom you don’t have to style up every 5 years can be a huge money saver.

5. Don’t Go Cheap on Essentials- Saving money is a good thing, but sometimes it’s important to spend a little extra to get better quality equipment. In the long run, it can save a fortune. Skimping on shower fixtures, water valves or flooring may result in water damage, water temperature issues and having to replace shower heads and equipment regularly. To avoid continual repurchasing of bathroom supplies, or to stay away from water and plumbing issues, make sure you install good and lasting fixtures during the remodel.

6. Don’t Forget Ventilation- Ventilation is important in the bathroom because of the constant water running, and having the room be either freezing or burning up when you step out of the shower can be a major inconvenience. Get your ventilation system looked at, and if you find that your house has any issues with mildew or mold, you’ll want to get that checked out and eliminated immediately. Even if it takes calling in a specialist, it’s important to be rid of this issue for the health and safety of everyone living in the home.

Learning these pitfalls and common mistakes means that you don’t have to make them yourself. So budget correctly, design practically, keep the future in mind and make your home a safe place for everyone. Good luck!


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