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Not Cool Dane Cook, Not At All

Once again it looks like it is going to rain all day here – blows. I had to get up early this morning to make sure I got some stuff done around the outside of the house before the storms arrive. Then again, the wifey is taking my daughter out and about today so I actually do have a chance to get things done, or lie on my lazy ass all day and do nothing but watch TV.


I read online about comedian Dane Cook’s jokes regarding the Colorado shootings and it really pissed me off. I am a Dane Cook fan – always have been – but this went too far. At a recent show in Los Angeles, he made a comment – “So I heard that the guy came into the theater about 25 minutes into the movie. And I don’t know if you’ve seen the movie, but the movie is pretty much a piece of crap … yeah, spoiler alert. And I know that if, ya know, none of that would have happened, I’m pretty sure that somebody in that theater, about 25 minutes in, realizing that it was a piece of crap, was probably like ‘ugh, (expletive) shoot me.” To me, that is just too soon after the tragedy to even consider joking about it. What if you had a friend or family member affected by that jerk who killed so many people? It would be a little different tone. He did come back and apologize but to me that was too late. He already made his point. Not cool, Dane, not cool. I understand your life is all about making people and teetering on some jokes, but to me that is unacceptable.

Anyway, I’ve been craving sushi lately and might head out later on to get me some. Anyone ever been to Nakama (www.eatatnakama.com) in the South Side of Pittsburgh? That’s pretty much the staple in these parts. Any other suggestions though? I had great sushi in Fort Worth before (yes I know I’m an idiot for getting it in Texas) and in Kansas City (yes again, I know I’m an idiot for getting it there as well) but they were both insane. I think the one in Texas was called Sushi Axiom and the one in Kansas City was the Kona Grill. I am going to crush me some shrimp tempura later – it is a done deal!

Alrighty folks, I just heard my wife and daughter yelling at each other so I better get going! Gotta love when I’m the referee between them! My daughter wants to wear her Snow White outfit all day – this should be fun…

HD (Homedaddys!)


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  1. NickF

    Dane Cook blows!  
    Saw him on tour 2 years back.  All pumped up to laugh my ass off, and I did, except it was to his opening acts.  He spent half his stage time playing a guitar and sing.  I paid to hear punch lines, not karaoke night.  
    This just seals the deal. His heads under water and he has nothing left but song parities and and apparently over the line jokes from tragedy.


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