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The rain continues here in Western Pennsylvania which means I have to get up off my lazy ass and actually cut the grass this weekend at some point. I honestly haven’t had to cut it in a month, just trim here and there. I should have been keeping up with the landscaping as well, but what’s the use of just going outside to do only half the yard work, right? So I said screw it – I will do it all at once.

I got my surround system hooked up thanks to some advice from a reader Jon – much appreciated. Little word to the wise, don’t try and hook up about 10 different sets of wires with a small child around. NOT FUN! Not that any of us guys get irritated when things don’t work – that’s definitely not it! I took some pictures of how to do it so and I’m going to post them on the DIY part of the site. Pretty easy, but pretty cool, to knock it out.

What do you do when you get the system hooked up? You put in a kick ass movie so you can hear the effects of the surround system, duh. And what movie would you put on? 300? Clash of the Titans? For some, possibly. However, not this guy. Nope. With a new surround sound system, I put in the ultimate action-packed, gory, man-movie…The Untouchables! No, seriously, I did. Then I put on Gladiator after my daughter left the room, and to make sure I still had my man card. It was freaking awesome!

Tip of the day – if you are looking to buy furniture (which I will be soon as well), I would recommend McKinneys furniture. My buddy just got living room furniture and bedroom furniture delivered and it is pretty damn sweet. Plus the deal he got was awesome. No need to necessarily go with the big dogs in the furniture business. I got the guy’s card and I’m gonna check them out (free advertising for McKinneys – hint hint).

Having a few people over tonight to cook out and have a few (ok more than a few) drinks. Drink of choice tonight is going to be Captain Morgan. Tough week in more ways than one so I’m going to get after it tonight. Could get ugly, but then again the Buccos are on and I don’t have a freaking job so who cares!

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    Let’s go Bucs!!!!


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