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Back With a Heavy Heart

Sorry for the little hiatus, but now I’m back in full swing!

First I want to send out my prayers to all of the families and people that were affected by the incomprehensible act last night in Aurora, Colo., during the premiere of the Batman movie. I can’t even fathom what happened nor do I truly want to. It is a sad day and it is amazing that things like this continue to happen in the world. It is days like this that you take the extra minute to kiss your wife and kids one more time before they venture out for their days.

I received an email this morning that said I was not granted tickets again to the Masters Tournament. They opened up ticket applications a couple years ago and I have no idea if they even actually grant anyone tickets or if this is just a publicity stunt! Anyone get a positive email that they received tickets this year?!?! I did get a chance to go a few years back and it was amazing. Breathtaking to see that course, even though the area isn’t the best. But if any of you dads ever have the chance for a perfect “guys” weekend, do it. Worth every penny and then some.

So this past week I got a chance to watch a few Disney princess movies with my daughter and it got me to thinking about which ones I don’t mind and ones that I can’t even stand thinking about watching. My top Disney princess movie (don’t even start with the jokes about my manhood – it is all for my daughter remember!) is Beauty and the Beast. And look guys, when you get to see Belle in person when you take your kids to Disney, you’ll know why that is my top movie. Jasmine is a close second, might I add. The one I cringe about every time she wants to watch it is freaking Cinderella. I can’t stand that movie. Ugh! I always tell her that the DVD is broken or lost, but a 3-year old catches on real fast to my antics.

I got a new surround system for the living room and I have no idea how to hook it up. I was literally working for two hours trying to figure out those damn chords of which one was suppose to hook into the cable box, which one was suppose to go to the surround system and which one was suppose to go into the damn TV. Anyone with any insight on how to connect these, I’m all ears. Pissed me off bad!

Have to take the little one to the doctor this morning to get a check-up on her tubes in her ears so that should make for an enjoyable trip. These are one of those times that I wish her mother was the one taking her because it is a painful site to watch your little one cry and scream over pain. Gotta stay strong though, gotta stay strong…

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