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What’s the Big Deal About Banning Bags?



Revitalize The Last Days Of Summer with an Outdoor Living Space

With minimal effort, you can easily create an inviting outdoor living space for entertaining your friends and family as the summer comes to a close. This living space can be simple, containing only a few of the basics or it can be as elaborate as you desire. Often times, as homeowners, we develop and dream …

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Matthew Lyons

5 Ways to Class Up a Small Bathroom

8 12 13_homedaddys_ways to class up a small bathroom

It’s easy to get a little stir-crazy in a small home, but having a clean, beautiful bathroom can do wonders for one’s peace of mind. A full remodel can turn your bathroom into a little sanctuary; but if you’re not ready to take that step, take a look at these easy ways to add a …

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The Best Summer Home Repair Advice for an Efficient Home


The HomeDaddys staff is excited to have the crew over at provide us with today’s guest post! Home repair is a yearlong effort. However, the summer months emphasize specialized upkeep and home improvement projects that the rest of the seasonal home maintenance projects don’t have to deal with. In order for you to be …

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